Day 4: Li Ann

In the morning, we taught Standard 5 classes. Mine was 5 Pintar at 10:50am and lasted for an hour. We first conducted the class by introducing them to multiplication to see their levels. Then, we split into groups to give more personal teaching to the students. It was initially tough to get their attention but most of them got very enthusiastic about learning once I showed them the method and that they have someone to provide immediate feedback about their work. They gained more and more confidence until they could even teach one another. I especially loved it when they asked me, “Kakak, beri saya lebih soalan. Ini senang!” and asked for more questions. Before this session, I was afraid of how I would be able to handle them and their potentially overwhelming energy but I realised these kids are so filled with enthusiasm to learn. It was hard to leave when the class’ time was up when I felt there was still so much for them to absorb.

We went for a delicious lunch at 1pm, with the kind mak ciks catering to those who don’t eat meat by providing some fish. The English classes started today at 2pm and I had given my students a model paper to do. One student that stood out was Haqkim. He did his work slowly and was still doing it when the time ran out at 4pm, but he refused to play his friends, even shooing them away in order to finish his essay to hand up. I was really touched by his enthusiasm and showed that just because a student takes longer to finish, didn’t mean he was any less capable.

Frank (left) and Absten reading English comic books as part of their break in our English class. Love how they had the same pose in this picture!

After that, it was recreational time. I was in charge of handling board games for those who didn’t want to do sports. We got to know Cartika and Elviane, who both were open in sharing their ambitions and hobbies. Cartika sang her rendition of Flashlight which was aaamazing. Elviane was extremely passionate about being a pediatric nurse, garnering inspiration from her mother to help others in need. I think it was very moving how she has a clear goal and works hard to reach it.

I was very touched to see that the younger girls staying in the asrama had set out chairs for us when they saw us coming for dinner. I thought that was so considerate.

Joewel also has a very good habit of taking chairs for the whole table to sit on. What a sweetheart!

After the filling, nutritious dinner, we had a maths session within our individual groups. There was Joeweltoalexion, Jerycho and a surprise Marco, who was absent the previous day. The break times in this session included me getting to know them and they me, and was told they were all great friends. I found out that Joewel was a very good beatboxer and could carry a tune while beatboxing. I was so impressed as it was probably selftaught. He and Hermon, a student from another group on the table we shared, gave us a duet beatboxing performance. Cuteness overload! Then, Joewel said something very adorable,

“Kakak, adakah kamu minum banyak air?” “Ya. Kenapa?” “Sebab kulit kamu putih”

He thought fairer people drank more water! I wonder what made him to think that?

As it was the first day of proper teaching, it was a pretty productive day as we were all still warming up to each other and they listened attentively. Here’s a picture of some of us hanging out at the common area after our lessons finished.

What’s going on here? This picture encapsulates how energetic and ‘cool’ these kids are 🙂 From top left: Me, Marco, Jedly, (bottom)Terence, Joewel

What’s going on here? This picture encapsulates how energetic and ‘cool’ these kids are 🙂


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