Day 6: Anis Aishah

It’s the 6th day we’re here. Waking up 630am, a bit early than usual, straight away to the kitchen to have a splash of yellowish water to the face and brush our teeth. Today’s morning is a bit different from the other days, we’re gonna have ‘Senamrobik Session’ with the kids!

The session was conducted by SherMaine and Shaira, the best dance conductor in the team. The session went quite well, except for the part where the boys were too shy to join in. We used several songs as background music, All of Me by John Legend to start the day during the Senamrobik session! IMG_7366.jpg

Senamrobik Session!

At first, I thought the kids couldn’t really do the senamrobik steps but, they actually really enjoyed the session. They even asked SherMaine to teach them the steps during our evening playtime. Cuties!

Kakak and Abang after Senamrobik session

The normal school session began shortly after. All you can hear as soon as you enter the classroom is the voice of the kids try to memorise sifir, the repetitive basic English-Malay words to improve their vocab and sometimes the screams by kakak and abang when there are bugs. The bugs and tokek are totally not a joke 😂

The playtime at 4-5pm was the ‘scariest’ part for us. The kids are so excited to play, have some crazy time with us but we just an old bunch of people that couldn’t match our energy level with them. The best plan we could come out was to hide in the house (not Zheyi and Natasha, they were as hype as the kids) until the kids come and shout “Kakak, jom main sekarang” , then only we go out to play 😉

Oh yeaa thank God, we got not water problem on that day. Some of us showered in the house while some went to shower with the kids. The kids were so helpful, showering with them is lot more fun than having to chase them across the field for some “hantu-hantu” game, i swear!

The night class start after our dinner. Although the schedule of the kids are quite packed, they still give 110% of their effort to the class. I am so happy to see their improvement, from not knowing how to even do simple subtraction, now they can do division!

That day ended quite early, most of us knocked out around 10pm, to have a good rest for another teaching day before weekend.

The no-phone-line really help us to sleep earlier than ever. No more an hour or two of scrolling instagram and twitter before sleep. We’ve bonded more as no one is busy looking at their phone, just laughing at each other’s silly jokes. Will be missing this kind of memory, the kids smiles and laughs, once we go home next week 🙁

Thank you Teringai, you have a special place in our ❤️

Quennie Yen Yen, Affiera, Anis & Marshella

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