Day 8: Nur Shazlin

Time certainly flies. Before we knew it, it is already the weekend. The teachers wanted to bring us, volunteers around the village in the morning but we decided to stay in to tutor the children instead. After spending a week with the students, we were aware of how underprepared they were for their upcoming examination. We wanted to spend as much time as possible teaching them as we knew that our time here is short.

After tutoring the children for two hours in the morning, we took a short break before proceeding with the ‘Keceriaan Project’ which was carefully planned by Khye Vern and Dee. The project revolved around four themes, namely; nature, animals, outer space and cartoons/ super heroes. The purpose of this activity is to provide the children with an opportunity to express their creativity as well as to de-stress after a long and hectic week. We also provided them with motivational quotes which they pasted at the back of their classrooms. It is hoped that this will serve as a reminder for them to reach for their dreams even after we have left the school.

The children are busy drawing and colouring according to theme.
Fify and Iqa holding up our motivational quote.

Most of the children went home for the weekend after lunch. Hence, we had some free time to ourselves. We did our laundry and took a longer-than-planned afternoon nap. It was quite apparent that all of us were pretty exhausted. In the evening, after enjoying our well-deserved break, we played volleyball and football with some of the children who have not gone home yet.

After dinner, we relaxed and played games which made some of us reminisce our schooling days. We have clearly formed a strong bond with each other and enjoyed each other’s presence very much. It dawned on me that I only have a week left to spend with the volunteers and as much as I miss the comfort back home, I will undoubtedly miss this bunch of amazing people that I have just met. As we were walking back to our accommodation, the locals asked us if we wanted to watch the World Cup Finals with them. As we did not have to tutor the kids and could sleep in the next day, we happily joined them. They were very accommodating towards us and offered us food and drinks. Although they only had so little, they were willing to offer us all that they had. We were all extremely touched by their generosity. They reminded me that gratitude is indeed a matter of perspective and that we have so much to be grateful for in life.

Charismen watching the World Cup Finals!

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