Day 8: Vincent Kow

The 14th of July 2018 is our first Saturday at the school, which means it is the first day where we get to sleep in (and is not required to wake up at 630am yay). 

We woke up at around 8am, freshened up and headed to the canteen for breakfast together as usual. As we were eating, we also discussed on the inspiration activities that will subsequently be carried out later in the day.

The inspiration activities started off with the career fairat 930am. We were split into 6 different stations to introduce and explain 6 careers to the students. The careers that we chose were: accountancy, engineering, law, journalism, pharmacy & nursing. Since I am the only law student in the entire volunteer group, I was tasked to man the lawstation.

I struggled to explain what a career in law is to the students, as it is rather apparent that the students could not understand how does the role of a lawyer fit into their lives. This however, made me more eager to explain to them as I wanted to give them a greater exposure to the alternative careers that they were unaware of.The session ended after approximately an hour and there were some extra time to kill before lunch is served. Some of the volunteers decided to explore the kampung while the rest of us sat in the canteen to chitchat.

Our second session started at 230pm, where we conducted a life simulation called The Game of Life. The purpose of the simulation is primarily to highlight the importance of education – particularly the importance of furthering education, in order to improve the livesof oneself (and the family).

The session ended at 4pm as the students from the hostel started playing football in the field. I decided to play volleyball on that evening since the sun was scorching hot and I dont think I am physically fit enough to be playing football for 5 consecutive days. I am happy to see that there are more guys playing volleyball now, and the students are actually not segregating themselves based on gender during sports time. 

After showering and dinner, we proceeded with night classes as usual. The students were less attentive than normal, which I presume it is because the students had a long day of activity. The day ended like any other weekday, with the volunteers sitting in a circle back in our accommodation to recap and reflect on our activity today.

It has been a long day for all the volunteers today. But nonetheless, who are we to be tired of teaching and inspiring, when the kids are still not tired of learning.

Vincent Kow

14th July 2018

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