Day 1: Samantha Lim

Today was departure day!!! Majority of us were taking the 8:55am flight to Kota Kinabalu. At around 7am, those who took the same flight gathered in front of the bag drop counters. We chatted and were still learning each others names(all of us had just met the day before at the TFMtraining session). We finally arrived in KK at 11:30am. It was surreal, I think I can speak for my team in the sense that everyone was excited that this project was actually in motion after a month of planning, brainstorming and multiple Skype sessions.   

Upon arrival, we took a Grab to the hotel- Lucky 11. We checked into our rooms and relaxed while we waited for the rest of the team who took a later flight to arrive. And we set out to have lunch as well as buying the materials and supplies we would need for the next 2 weeks at the nearby Suria Sabah shopping mall. One of our volunteers was from Sabah hence we did not have much last minute materials to get.

We were all extremely tired by then however a large shipment of stationaries and dental kits still needed to be individually packed for Tumunda and Teringai. After several gruelling hours, we had finished packing and sorting the kits for each school. 

But the day was not over yet, one of the volunteers knew of a place that was famous for its seafood, and thus everyone’s stomach was filled with “tiga rasa ikan”, butter prawns, fried squid and more to which I’m sure was the highlight of the Charismen’s tiring day.

Before heading to bed we called for a meeting with both teams where final words of motivation were spoken and advice shared. All 26 of us went to sleep with the words dangling over our heads as we anticipated what was to come for the next 14 days. Little did we know the next 2 weeks would be the most memorable moments of our lives.


– Samantha Lim

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