About Us


“Inspiring generations and making a difference”

Charisma Movement is an organization that seeks to serve as a platform for Malaysian students to connect with the principles of altruism and service above self. The medium of which we promote the aforementioned is through a variety of volunteering projects, namely, our Rural Education project, Sea Turtle Conservation project and the Inspire Initiative. Click on the link to find out more about our volunteering projects.

Charisma Movement, previously known as UKECharisma, was originally founded in 2011, as a self-sustaining branch of UKEC. Hitherto, it underwent a rebranding in 2017 under the sixth generation of this establishment’s Executive Committee, and thus we have come in full circle.


Charisma Movement is student-formed, student-ran and student-led. A round of committee election is held each year to select the next batch of leaders to lead the projects. Read more about this year’s Executive Committee!

Click on the link to read more about Charisma Movement’s Mission & Vision .