Day 1: Samantha Lim

Today was departure day!!! Majority of us were taking the 8:55am flight to Kota Kinabalu. At around 7am, those who took the same flight gathered in front of the bag drop counters. We chatted and were still learning each others names(all of us had just met the day before at the TFMtraining session). We finally … More Day 1: Samantha Lim

Day 10: Iman

After yesterday’s fun day out at the pekan and Taman Sorinsim, I was ready to start teaching the kids again and making the best out of my last few days with them. Since this was my second time back at Teringai, I knew how heart-wrenching it would be to leave them behind yet again. And … More Day 10: Iman

Day 11: Amir Adam

We woke up a little later today as we did not have to attend the assembly. My team and I were assigned the 11:50 A.M. class teaching Mathematics for the year 5 kids. After a ‘big breakfast’ at the dining hall, we took our time showering and just preparing materials on what we are supposed … More Day 11: Amir Adam

Day 8: Nur Shazlin

Time certainly flies. Before we knew it, it is already the weekend. The teachers wanted to bring us, volunteers around the village in the morning but we decided to stay in to tutor the children instead. After spending a week with the students, we were aware of how underprepared they were for their upcoming examination. … More Day 8: Nur Shazlin

Day 6: Sofea Daud

Me and my team was assigned to teach English for standard one students during the school hours for one hour and it was quite challenging for us; because some of them could not write and read, so we had to deliver the lesson a bit slower because we had to start from scratch. Despite the … More Day 6: Sofea Daud