Charisma Movement Foundation

You can read this because you are fortunate to have the opportunity to access to quality education. 


“One child, one pen and one book can change the world” – Malala Yousafzai.


Inspire by Project Tumunda-Teringai volunteers 2017, the Charisma Movement Foundation aims to

  • Support Standard 6 students financially by funding their boarding fees of the hostel
  • Ensure the beneficiaries of Project Tumunda-Teringai have the best support from us for their state examination preparation
  • Inspire the students on the importance of education
  • Motivate the students academically by exposing them to a future of unlimited opportunities

We believe that this could provide equal opportunities for all students access to conducive learning environment by reducing their commuting time to school.


Join us at Run For Malaysia! All funds raise will go to Charisma Movement Foundation.

Every RM100 donated supports one student from our education project, Teringai-Tumunda to stay in the hostel throughout our 2-weeks workshop.

A penny from you could create a future for the children with endless possibilities.

Click here (GBP) and here (MYR) to donate now!