Executive Committee 2013/2014


Jonathan Lee Chuo Min is a 2nd Year MBChB Medical Student at the University of Bristol. He is currently the Director of UKECharisma.

He believes that each and every one of us is blessed with unique potential for making the world a better place in our own special way. He takes a lot of pride and joy in helping others discover and develop their gifts, which he believes, is what UKECharisma stands for!


Assistant Director Ashikin

Ashikin Thajudin is a 2nd Year Bachelor of Dental Surgery student at University of Manchester. She is currently the Assistant Director of UKECharisma.

Friends describe her as a vibrant, cheeky, uninhibited, life-loving person. Her aspiration is to one day live in a world where every child has the equal opportunity to achieve their dreams. She believe chocolate solves a lot of problems.

Recruitment DirectorLi Ying

Li Ying Neo is a 2nd Year Accounting and Finance student at University of Bath. She is currently the Recruitment Director of UKECharisma.

She always believe that love is ready to trust and to give. She is thankful for what she had and all the kindness and help that was given to her when she needed them most. She is now  ready to give as she has received many. Her favourite quote is “For it is in giving that we receive.”

Safiyyah  Publicity Director  

Safiyyah Mohd Farid is a 2nd Year BEng Engineering with Business Finance student at University College London. She is the Publicity Director for UKECharisma.

She loves drinking orange juice but loathes eating oranges. She knows it’s a bit weird but doesn’t seem to mind at all. With UKECharisma, she hopes to not only teach the kids but to also inspire them in being confident on who they truly are.

IkaWelfare Director 

Ika Hadilah Radzran is a 2nd Year BSc Economics student at University of Surrey. She is the Welfare Director for UKECharisma.

She is an INTJ who enjoys long train rides and good music. A  food enthusiast, she aims to try as many kinds of cuisine as she can. She believes that everyone has the potential to succeed; and like gravity – all it takes is a little push.

RidzIT Director 

Muhammad Ridzuan B Rusdi is a 1st Year Medicine student at University College Dublin. He is the IT Director for UKECharisma.

He believes that it is important to think big and dream big. Achieving the impossible is only deem possible with teamwork and being committed. Everyone is given the opportunity to give back but, he thinks, their main challenge is how they use it to help the community. So come and join UKECharisma for the summer!


RusselMalaysian Liaison Officer

Russel Loh is a 2nd Year Mathematics and Economics student at University Malaysia Sabah. He is the Malaysian Liaison Officer for UKECharisma.

Russel was a volunteer in Project KL 2013. Volunteering in UKECharisma was one of the greatest experiences of his life. Not only did he learn new things but he also made wonderful friends and managed to inspire a lot of students during the project. He is glad to be part of this years committee.