Executive Committee 2015/2016

Executive Committee 2015/2016


Jacklyn Lam
Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics (MORSE), University of Warwick                                                                                                                           


Born and bred in Sabah, I grew up embarking on journeys to rural areas to reach out to the underprivileged. Last summer (which was by far, the best!), Project Teringai helped me realize my dream to start a charity organization of my own in Malaysia. Here I am, in hopes of being a step closer to witnessing more heartwarming smiles and making a difference in people’s lives. My love for numbers, dinosaurs, Marvel and the German football team is incomprehensible. And when it comes to food, my stomach definitely knows no bounds, especially when eating spicy food and sashimi!”

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR                                                                                        

Eshen Ang
Medicine, Cardiff University


“I aspire to save lives and improve one’s quality of life (not quite there yet but I’m working on it!). I want to help people and change lives through UKECharisma. This platform gives me the opportunity to bring the very minimal sunshine that I could ever get in the wet and rainy Caerdydd(Cardiff) to people whom are in need. I adore anything pink, white, princessy and I uphold Liverpool’s spirit of perseverance #YNWA. From your ordinary girl next door who has a tiara on her head AND bruises on her legs.”


Vinrea Lim Mao Lung
Mechanical Engineering, University of Bath


“I have always had the intention of making a small and long lasting difference in the society. Volunteering to me is far beyond than just offering help. When I was unsure or lost, volunteering is one of the options I always consider. I believe that the quality of life is solely determined on the quality of contribution to others because when you take the time to stop thinking about yourself, and start making a change on others, that is the moment you start discovering yourself.

During my free time, I enjoy travelling with friends and family.”

STRATEGY & LOGISTICS DIRECTOR                                                     

Emyliyana Suhaimi
LLB Law, University of Essex


What if the cure for cancer was trapped inside the mind of someone who can’t afford an education?

This quote plays a pivotal role in sparking my interest on our education system and in my pursuit of helping to enhance the education system in Malaysia in order to benefit everyone. The idea of giving back to society has always been ingrained inside of me by my parents, whom I will always look up to. While trying to simultaneously read law books and keep a sane mind, I seek comfort on matcha ice cream mochi and ayam merah. As to when silly and ridiculous things overwhelm me, I pull that German trait I picked up and remind myself that Ich schaffe alles! I will make it! If that doenn’t work out, mochi will always do the job for me.”


Nurul Jannah
Geography, King’s College London


“I’m the ‘resident environmentalist’ wherever I go really. My volunteer work along the years and exposure to critical environmental research at King’s has affirmed my belief that the fight for environmental justice equates to the fight for social justice. I plan to inject some of this belief into my work for UKECharisma’s projects this year.

When I’m not perusing heavy tomes on Political Ecology and worrying about my many essays, I like watching period dramas and singing along to stuff off West End theatre.”


Mohamad Faizal bin Mohd Faudzi
BSc Economics, University of Nottingham


“When I was in college before going to university as an Economics undergraduate, my chemistry teacher once said, “The best investment in life is human capital.” – This quote I hold very close to my heart as I witnessed him embody every word of this saying. I am who I am today because of him. I have realized that I have to repay him somehow in some way. Thus, by joining UKECharisma, I know that I will be able to follow his footsteps in becoming a philanthropist at my own capacity – to give back whatever we have to the society, regardless of how miniscule it might be.”


Rucira Ooi
Medicine, Cardiff University


“Selflessness; a very rare personality to come by nowadays. I believe in everything we do, especially works that involve volunteering and charity has to come from the purest of intention. That being said, I am a “man of my words”.  I’ve been involved in volunteering events to help orphans, refugees, the disabled, and the needy.

On a less serious note, I enjoy a good laugh of Modern Family and I believe that orange is the New Black. I love feeding on carrots and bread!”


Kerry Lee
Pharmacy, University of Bath


“Currently, I am in my penultimate year of becoming a legalised drug dealer. I decided to volunteer for UKECharisma last summer and it was amazing. It really was a great way to self discover and grow. Now I’m back as the creative director to hopefully help you do the same! I love travelling, music and trying out new things. I am also a big foodie and movie junkie.”

PUBLICITY DIRECTOR                                                                                                

Vanessa Yeo Yung Ling
Medicine, Cardiff University


“Apart from marrying Benedict Cumberbatch, one of my other life’s goal is to make a difference in the life of others. As someone wise once said, it is more blessed to give than to receive. Having been involved in a medical mission team in rural Pahang as well as volunteering in nursing homes and orphanages, I have always had a strong sense of purpose to serve people. 

My predilection for Chattime and green-tea food has never failed my stomach and nothing makes me laugh harder than a good, weird, punny joke :)”

MALAYSIAN LIAISON OFFICER                                                                                    

Rena Lim 
Mass Communication, INTI International University


“An island girl, I enjoy volunteer work as much as I enjoy travelling. I was an active member of the unit VAD25 under the Red Crescent Society and an active helper at SPCA Penang. Through experiences of volunteering at camps, charity events and old folks home, I realized everyone can make a huge difference if we simply listen and connect. Thus, I hope to join forces with aspiring volunteers around the world and realise potentials that may benefit the society.”

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