Inspire Initiative 2017: Malaysia’s Rainy Days

“The dream for Malaysia’s Rainy Days is that it will become a collection of stories, telling tales of the Malaysian spirit in charity and volunteerism. One that people will read and feel inspired to start their own journey. We want to cherish and celebrate the side of Malaysia that is loving, generous, and kind. The side that will always lend a helping hand on a rainy day.” Eunice Lim, Initiator for MRD


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Malaysia’s Rainy Days is an initiative by Charisma Movement, in collaboration with UKECares, that aims to publish a collection of articles on the Malaysian volunteering scene by the end of August. The publication will include the author’s personal reflection on volunteering projects done in Malaysia by various organisations.19222912_10213442927366733_3080355950751201537_o19221872_10213442929046775_1836572628472208834_o19221898_10213442926606714_4075542260474654452_o

The aim of this programme is to raise awareness on the status quo of those who are underprivileged, what can we do to help them, what have been done to help them and whether those initiatives work or not.

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