Malaysia’s Rainy Days Writer

Introducing the writers for our very own publication, “Malaysia’s Rainy Days” !


Malaysia’s Rainy Days is an initiative by Charisma Movement, in collaboration with UKECares, that aims to publish a collection of articles on the Malaysian volunteering scene. The publication will include the author’s personal reflection on volunteering projects done in Malaysia by various organisations.

They’re a talented bunch that are passionate about volunteering & writing!


Sean Thum (Perdana University – Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland)

Topic: Experience in Mobile Medical Clinics

“I chose this topic because it is a combination of the three things I enjoy doing, namely communicating with people, bringing joy to the people whose lives I touch, and practicing medicine. I realize there is a lot more which I can contribute to the society beyond a nine-to-five work day, and being able to serve makes life more fulfilling and meaningful.” 

2Tay Weiling (Economics, Durham University)

Topic: Domestic Violence (Women’s Aid Organisation)

“Feminism has always been relevant for me, and when I finished my A-levels I decided to actually do something about it by volunteering with a women’s rights NGO – the Women’s Aid Organisation. I worked with them for 6 months and it was a great (and fun!) learning experience. I’m really keen to show what important work they do!”



Adila Diyana Binti Erwan, (Aberystwyth University, BSc Accounting and Finance)

Topic: Be Better

“Instead of writing about how bad education inequality is, I am inspire to write about what can we do to help fighting in this battle. I believe every single person have a role to play in helping the education and most importantly the children.”

4Lian Jia Wen (Megan), (UCL, BSc Biomedical Sciences)

Topic: The Financial Divide in Malaysia

“Why I chose to write about this topic mainly sparked from my most recent volunteering participation in the previous summer with Yayasan Generasi Gemilang. Before this I was involved in mainly more initiatives towards educational inequality but this time around I was able to work on projects regarding the financial issues of the urban poor. I was able to see what it was actually like living as the urban poor and how they personally make their financial decisions.

How GG actually structured its initiatives along with Prudential to change the way people make their financial decisions was what I found really what we should be doing instead of donating to people when they are in need. Instead of acting when the worst has struct, by also changing the ways bottom up, we may slowly be able to overcome this financial divide.”

5Qairunnisa Binti Ahmad Noor Ridi (University of Nottingham, BA (Hons) International Relations with French)

Topic: Unexpected Challenges While Volunteering Teaching

“To share that challenges that come by being a volunteer teacher for refugees students that many might not aware of.” 


Wong Yen Jun (June) (Monash University, Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons))

Topic: Special Education

“The removal of social stigma against children with special needs deserves more attention than it should be. They are unfortunately still being labelled and misunderstood rather than being respected as an individual. It is true that teaching children with special needs requires continuous and advanced training, but it does not mean that we, the laymen, cannot mingle with the children. All we need is patience and passion by trying to be their friends and their listener, to help establishing a social circle for them.”


Sanggeetha a/p Veeramani (Perdana University, Medicine)

Topic : My Experience with Project Penyu

“It is one of the voluntary activities in which I learnt a lot of new things that opened up my mind to the various environmental crisis that we are facing. As a volunteer, we usually give what we can but through this activity, not only did I give but I received more than I expected. It would be great if I could spread what I received to everyone who will possibly read what I write.”


Violet Wong (London School of Economics and Political Science, BSc. Government and Economics)

Topic: My heartwarming encounter with selfless people at El-Shaddai Refugee Centre.

“I will share with you some amazing ways of how you can volunteer in support of the refugee community here in Malaysia through my own personal experience.

I was mindblown by their amount of care and sacrificial service to fellow refugees. I can’t wait to let more people know of this!”


Ilmira Murni binti Mohd Hareeff (UCL, MPharm)

Topic: My experience interning at Teach For Malaysia (TFM)

“My time at TFM opened my eyes to a new side of volunteerism I hadn’t really considered before. Its also been a big learning curve for me, and I think it would be good to share the things Ive discovered this summer.”


Arifah Badli (UiTM, Mass Communication)

Topic: KL SketchNation

“Because I love how KLSN is not just a normal arts / urbansketching association but it also is heavily involved in charity and volunteerism!”