Project Teringai-Tumunda 2018

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General Details:

Date: 7-20 July 2018

Venue: SK Temuno Teringai Darat & SK Tumunda Salimandut, Sabah, Malaysia

Participants: 36 Volunteers

Goals for Project Teringai-Tumunda:

  • To foster noticeable progress within the kids’ academic skills
  • To inspire the children to discover & learn not just academic wise, but in other aspects such as team-building, communication skills through activities such as art, singing & drawing
  • To inspire the children to challenge themselves, & motivate them to further their study to secondary school level by instilling the importance of knowledge and correct attitude in the kids
  • To raise awareness of basic healthcare & cleanliness education in the kids

Deadline for volunteers’ application is 23 March 2018. Shortlisted applicant will be contacted via email after the deadline (23 March 2018) for a get-to-know you session via Skype. Volunteers’ spot will only be confirmed if the candidate successfully passed the interview stage.

Volunteers will be involved in mentoring Primary Six students, guiding & preparing for their upcoming UPSR examination, carry out team building activities and bring joy & fun to the school children! After school hours, you will also find yourself being surrounded by a wonderful team of like-minded individuals with whom you will forge long lasting friendships, exchange stories, and build unforgettable memories.

It will definitely be an enriching experience as a volunteer – you will be able to experience a simple lifestyle in a quaint village such as bathing in a river and spending two whole weeks with zero data and internet connection (yes, that’s right – no getting up in the morning to scroll through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).

Have a look through our Gallery to get a picture (pun intended) on what we to expect 🙂

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