Why Volunteer?

Written by Li-Ann Chin, Director of Charisma Movement 16/17

It’s that time of the year again! Charisma Movement has recently launched the applications for their annual Inspire Initiative. Read on to find out more on why you shouldn’t hesitate to join!

Charisma Movement, formerly known as UKECharisma, is a student-run organisation that aims to bring the spirit of volunteerism and charity to the youth of Malaysia. Inspire Initiative serves as a platform for Malaysian youth to put forward their ideas on what social issue they think deserves more attention – be it feeding the homeless, saving stray animals, or conserving the environment. In other words, you decide on the idea and we will help you execute it! Doesn’t that sound exciting? To add to that bursting enthusiasm and thrill, we are going to go ahead and tell you five reasons why you should join the Inspire Initiative.


1) You get to give back to society… in the way that you’ve always wanted to!

Duh! This one’s a no-brainer. Obviously one of the best reasons to sign up for the Inspire Initiative is because it allows you to contribute back to society by selecting which social issue requires focus. But the even BETTER reason is that you get to do it in a way that is completely tailor-made to your own ideas and dreams! The Inspire Initiative is all about YOU, what YOU think and how YOU want to make your thoughts on charity a reality.


2) You’ll have your own Dumbledore’s Army

Have you ever had one of those daydreams where you fantasize about pulling off something really amazing… if only you had the resources needed at your fingertips? Well, daydream no longer because this is your chance to think of us at Charisma Movement as your personal army of dedicated, passionate wizards and witches— err I mean, humans working their hardest to combat the darkness of any given social issue with you. We will be responsible for the execution of your initiative, which includes and is not limited to: providing guidance, the publicity means, working out the logistics and basically being with you every step of the way.

*Pssst* We’re also collaborating with UKECares on this one, just try and imagine the force of your army!


3) You stand a chance to be on the news

Ever wanted to be able to finally say “Mum, dad, I made it! I’m on the news!”; Check out how Charisma Movement’s Inspire Initiative 2016 was covered by the The Star newspaper last year –>


Image courtesy of The Star newspaper 2016

Let’s not forget, you won’t JUST be getting featured on the news, you’ll also make it in the papers for doing something as amazing and noble as charity. (Which is the whole point, really!)


4) You might even make it into the Malaysian Book of Records

“What?! Is that REALLY possible? You’re joking!” Oh, but yes, it is possible. After 11 hours of CPR Relay taking place at Atria Shopping Gallery and more than 1500 participants, last year’s Inspire Initiative headed by Tammy Tan — a student of Manchester University — ended up getting in the book of Malaysian records, effectively immortalizing her efforts to give back to society forever. Although, we must say, what’s truly inspiring isn’t only that she made a record, but that she went so far to do what she truly believed was for a good cause.

5) The ripple effect

Having previously witnessed her beloved grandfather fall and shatter his skull, Tammy was determined to never feel that helpless ever again. That incident would then go on to serve as the catalyst for her desire to spread the awareness on the cruciality of CPR training and pre-hospital treatment, leading her to initiate the first ever CPR Relay carried out in Malaysia. By doing so, the ripple effect thus begins, setting forth a change in motion, effectively altering over a thousand other lives for the better.

Hitherto, project Teringai-Tumunda has been carried out successfully 5 times, ever since the birth of its conception in 2012. To date, said project has effectively improved the average UPSR results of the students. It has also increased the number of primary students furthering their secondary school education. A former volunteer and current committee member, Elaine David recounts the fateful day that she was out and about Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, wearing her Charisma Movement volunteer shirt. “A few secondary students excitedly approached me to tell me that years ago, they too, were tutored by previous Charisma Movement volunteers. It was really amazing to witness firsthand how far our organisation has come in terms of working towards our mission and vision.”

That’s the best part about the ripple effect, isn’t it? It doesn’t matter how big or small your deed aims to be, as long as it is set with good intentions, there will be motion, there will be change, there will be an impact.


Okay, maybe not all. But one at a time 🙂

Come. Join us. Set something in motion and change someone’s life. Here’s our list of Volunteering Projects available this year & our FAQs. Contact Us if you have any question at all 🙂